Dear Customers

FOREMAN Production Company has been operating successfully ever since being established in 1989. We produce high quality protective and work clothing. In addition to the above, we provide complex supply of articles necessary in any working place (products ranging from articles required by Occupational Health and Safety regulations to cleansers).

Our main field of activity is clothing production. Our products are bound to satisfy every customer's needs, since the goods are functional, durable, and easy to use. In addition to modern design, our clothing features a variety of colours and care for finest details. We place great importance on the component and add-ins selection, like threading, buttons, clasps, stud fasteners, etc.

According to customers' wishes we place their company logo on clothing - using screenprinting, thermopressing or embroidery technology. Our customized clothing products ensure the elegant look of your employees, which increases your company's prestige. Our prices are reasonable and competitive.

Due to direct cooperation with a large number of businesses, we offer a full spectrum of protective measures: gloves, footwear, masks, utilities for working at height, and many more. We also provide household and industrial chemistry products, cleaning equipment, and Occupational Health and Safety signs and manuals.

Our database contains over 2500 business contacts and their number is constantly increasing.

We hope that our many years' experience shall contribute to your business and that our clothing helps your employees to distinguish themselves amongst the competition.

FOREMAN 34-300 ¯YWIEC, Ul. ¯wirowa 1 tel./fax 033/ 861 27 65, e-mail: polski english
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